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The idea of this game is not mine. I pulled it from a Bulgarian book, issued in the late 80s. It was called something like “Card games - a source of entertainment”, written by a guy named Yan Ron. He was definitely not a Bulgarian. Most likely, he wrote the book in his mother tongue (Polish, Chech?), and it was translated into Bulgarian by his wife. Whatever.

Anyway, the book was not quite easy to understand. BattleSolitaire was one of the few patience games that I actually understood how to play. According to the short history of the game, it was played by Napoleon during his exile at St Helena island. Every other patience game in this book was played by Napoleon at some point in his life, actually. He was either a big fan of patience games, or it was just popular at the particular era to relate the games to him. Probably, the fact that the game was played by such a notable person makes the waste of time more acceptable… Who knows. The game was not called Solitaire in the book. It was my decision to call it like that. Solitaire was not such a popular term in the 80s.

Playing the game with real cards is quite annoying. Very often, it takes more time to deal the cards than to play the game itself. Shuffling the pairs after that adds to the dread. That’s why it is so suitable for a computer. It takes away the annoying parts and leaves just the fun.

The game itself is quite punishing. Do not expect to clear the field very often. Just try to enjoy the process and have fun.